Social Events

Looking for a place to host an event, but don’t have the space in your home? What will you do if it rains on your outdoor event?

Look no further, because The Conservatory can meet all your needs for social event hosting! The Conservatory at the Sussex County Fairgrounds an ideal, all-season facility to celebrate a sweet sixteen party, family reunion, graduation, anniversary, or just about any social gathering.

Beautiful wood décor, plenty of natural light, and 5,000 square feet of available space make The Conservatory a perfect place to host your social event. The space is flexible, capable of accommodating banquet tables, a dance floor, a DJ or band setup, or just about anything else you and your guests can think of. The Conservatory is well-lit by natural daylight, or take advantage of the beautiful mood lighting. Keep it simple with our elegant mahogany, glass, and flowers, or bring in you choice of decorations and services. At The Conservatory, you can create an atmosphere as special as your event!

  • We accommodate events of all sizes; there is no minimum number of guests needed to book the Conservatory, however the maximum capacity is 250 people.
  • We have three Exclusive Caterers to choose from, and you are welcome to bring a photographer, florist, decor, rentals or DJ of your choice for your event. You can also consult our Preferred Partners (link to preferred partners page) list for some trusted recommendations.
  • The Conservatory Courtyard is a beautiful display of seven different lush, permanent gardens that make a beautiful backdrop or photo opportunities for your event. Each garden does have a water feature, seating and LED lighting installed in each so your guests can enjoy the Courtyard throughout the entire day and evening.